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DOGLEG (2016)

About the author
Jimmy (Shkëlqim) Cela was born in Tirana, Albania and now resides in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He graduated at the University of Georgia, where he earned a Ph.D. and a M.S. degree. He works as statistician and also has authored several literary books in prose and poetry in Albanian. Recently he won the prestigious prize “Kadare 2016” for his collection of novels Embryology

Excerpts from the book

How unlikely
Confused an aged wine drank another world and a convex fear swelled and unfolded an inhaling mirror, condensing the rays showing how small the bud of life was, how unlikely the island in seas, this globe in the void of infinities, how unlikely getting to know the beautiful people, lost in plateaus forgotten by mountains forgotten by skies busy with Nothing, how unlikely all the past loves, planted like field mines, missed by stepping drunkards with luck.
Counted down
The oracle said you’ll love four men, And I know one, he’s your father, I know the other, the inevitable, You’re c…

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